To supply customer our brand product with constant quality, to distinguish those copy product of Drecap, to make sure that you can have a same amazing experience, to improve our technology and brend our essence to every new item, did a lot of effort. 




  Drecap product has a original 3D HOLOGRAM which sticks at your warranty cards. When you got any technical trouble, Please send your warranty card back to where you bought. So please check is there 3D hologram on your warranty card after you bought it. And please do not loss it, otherwise, We can not give you any technical supports and any kind of after survices.




  Drecap's trade marks


  Drecap product has our own trade marks on it's package, IC processor, CD cover, and D-terminal connectors. Please make sure those stuffs are genuine.

  And we never sell Drecap product without our Trade marks, without manual, warranty card. You may find some same appearance product be sold with white box at very small stores. That is copy products. Please refrain buying those products as a Drecap capture cards.